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Jaimelee YabsleyChemistry 122A10028390Section 21Prelab Experiment 1 Photochemical Reaction with FerrioxalateConcepts and Techniques to ReviewColour theoryUse of a spectrophotometer Introduction This experiment involves the combination of ferric nitrate and oxalic acid to form a ferrioxalate which undergoes a photochemical reaction when it is introduced to light which produces ferrous ions A second solution of potassium ferricyanide is then prepared and added to the ferrioxalate solution The substance will be tested using different colours and exposure times the ferrioxalate will then be examined by spectrophotometery to discover what colours of light it absorbs PurposeIn this experiment we will examine the properties of photosensitive solutions such as sensitivity to light as well as heatMaterials Pasteur pipette600 mL beaker150mL beaker1205mL Erlenmeyer flaskMediumsized test tubesHot platemagnetic stirrer Petri dishesPaperWhite flood light
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