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UOTTAWACHM 1321Greg FlynnWinter

CHM 1321 Chapter Notes -Regioselectivity, Acylation, Aromatic Sulfonation

OC3872234 Page
17 Dec 2014
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UOTTAWACHM 1321Greg FlynnWinter

Lab Report 1

OC3872232 Page
17 Dec 2014
Part b: added 10 ml of 2:8 etoac, liquid is approximately 1 cm in the beaker, obtained two tlc plates and prepared them, used unknown compound #32, add
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UOTTAWACHM 1321AllWinter

CHM 1321 Chapter Notes -Hydrolysis, Grignard Reaction, Aldehyde

OC501141 Page
8 Dec 2014
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UOTTAWACHM 1321William OgilvieFall

CHM1321 Chapter 6: Org_1_Summary_Sheets

OC58842916 Page
8 Nov 2015
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Wendy PellFall

CHM 1311 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Reaction Rate, Reaction Mechanism, Molecularity

OC2511194 Page
1 Oct 2016
Chm1311 d professor wendy pell: kinetics: mechanisms and rates of reaction (ch 13) Reaction mechanism: sequence of chemical events; atoms, ions, and mo
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Darrin RichesonFall

CHM 1311 Chapter Notes -Total Pressure, Ideal Gas, Molar Volume

OC3116353 Page
19 Nov 2014
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Darrin RichesonFall

CHM 1311 Chapter Notes -Lorraine 5P, Electrolyte, Sulfuric Acid

OC19026048 Page
22 Jan 2014
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Rashmi VenkateswaranFall

CHM1311 Chapter LAB: CHM1311 - Lab 3 - 100%

OC252982113 Page
20 Sep 2018
The purpose of this experiment is to determine the enthalpy of various reactions. The first part determines the specific heat capacity and an experimen
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Kathy FocsaneanuFall

CHM 1311 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1.1-1.4 & 21.1: Molar Mass

OC10037941 Page
10 Sep 2016
Macroscopic physical/chemical properties can be observed with the eye while microscopic properties of a chemical structure must be magni ed. Atoms are
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UOTTAWACHM 1100Robert BrownFall

CHM 1100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Osmium, Filter Paper, Intensive And Extensive Properties

OC773584 Page
25 Nov 2012
Matter is made up of very tiny units called atoms, of which we know about 114 types. Each type of atom is the building block of a different chemical el
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Natalie GotoFall

CHM 1311 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Atomic Number, Molar Concentration, Stoichiometry

OC14084924 Page
19 Dec 2016
Uncertainty: the last digit is the uncertain digit, addition and subtraction is lowest decimal places, multiplication is fewest sig gs. 1 mole = the nu
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Wendy PellFall

CHM 1311 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Molar Mass

OC5122452 Page
9 Dec 2015
Title page: fill in the title page with your personal information as well as your lab partner"s information, your ta"s information, and your lab sectio
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