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Chapter 11

CMN2148 Chapter 11: Chapter 11 Summary and Key Terms

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Mary Hawkins

1. Chapter 11 CMN2148 B Strategic Organizational Communication  Described as communication processes in which organizational messages are deliberately generated; are based on environmental data, analysis, and strategy selection; and are guided by organizational messages usually are developed by communication professionals o Strategic organizational communication is based in part on environmental information and an understanding of the concepts of multiple publics and stakeholders o Public relations and marketing are two types of strategic communication functions that support strategic organizational direction Public Relations  Functions frequently include image management, internl communication, public affairs and issues management, media relations, and risk and crisis communication o Responsible in part for shaping an organization’s image or reputation o Internal communication communication with employees and is frequently a responsibility of the public relations function o Public affairs; issues management involve the shaping of public opinion regarding social and political issues important to the organization o Media relations involve working with the media on behalf of an organization Marketing  Management of communication process directed at bringing about an exchange between an organization and a customer o Integrated marking communications is growing in importance, stressing strategy that communicated single, unified message to a customer o Advertising, branding and the increase in social media usage all contribute to the marketing mix Risk and Crisis Communication  Planning an messages which help publics understand and respond to risks and to understand and take action during crises o Emerging technologies play a significant role in strategic communication o Ethical choices are continually required when making decisions about strategic organizational communication Key Terms  Strategic Organizational Communication; transactional processes in which organizational messages are deliberately generated, are based on environmental data, analysis and strategy selection, and are guided by organizational objectives  Stakeholders; individuals and groups who have an interest in the organization and are able to influence the organization’s ability to meet its goals  Publics; small or large group of stakeholders with interests and needs relative to a particular organization  Environmental Scanning; acquisition and use of information about events and trends in an organization’s external environment. Should encompass all factors likely to influence the organization, now and in the future. Ex;
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