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Sociological ExplanationsApril0114851 PM Emile Durkheim founder of modern sociologyBecomes first osical scientist to apply scientific ethod to study social phenomenaDemonstrates that suicide indvidual antisocial act can be understood socologicallyHelped form cohesive school of thoughtHeld that society coldnt exist independently of religious forms of sentiment and actionoArgues that the basis of religiously concieved moral authority and suasion lie in impersonal anaonymous collective social moral authorityReligious believer sees this force as dvine origin Concepts and ContributionsContributed greatly to social thoughtDivision of labouroAttempt to treat facts of moral life according to the method of positive sciencesoBelieved that simpler societies were founded on moral consensus or collective conscienceoOrganic solidaritybasis of modern social orderoBelieved that object of sociologyas a whole was to determine the conditions for the conservation of scoietiesoSocial solidarity maintains socities bond that unitesoMechanical solidarity primitive undifferentiated social structure with little divisionSolidarity of resemblanceDependent on common ritualsoOrganic solidarityDevelps out of differences in economic and social structure high divison and specializationResults from and is expressed by differentiationChanges in divison hae impacts on society structureoSocial harmony comes fromdivison of labour characterized by cooperation produced thorugh each individuals own interest consecrate special function to make himself solidary with othersForces individuals to remain in contact with each other which strengthens bonds that help create croup moralityDependence on society and the forces that keep him in check and restrain himoSpecialization also pulls society apartAs it increases interests become different norms varied and subcultures formedSolidarityoDefined as bond between all individuals iwthin societyoConsensus not difficult to attein in mechanical solidarityPrimitive societies characterized by mechanical because of lack of tech advancementsTech mandates specialization which results in formation of division of labouor
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