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Erin Mc Cuaig

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Surviving Prison - Poor health in the general population – look at social influences. - W-H-O –Create a whole climate – look at personal safety, dignity – include everything. - Prisons in England and Whale is the most overcrowded and rarely take care of health. - Denying them their basic needs - Deprive prisoners of their liberty – cause psychological distress. - Many prisoners come in with mental and physical illnesses o More likely resort to drug misuses and self-harm and disorderly conduct. BASICALLY…. - Imprisonment can bring harm to prisoners whether a direct physical assault and injuries or more insidious (spreading harm in a subtle way) impacts on mental and social well-being. (affects u physically mentally and socially). - Overcrowded conditions with poor facilities, few opportunities, high levels of stress and increased surveillance and control their health is likely to suffer. - We put them in prison and pile all this other shit on top of it (cloes words :P ) How long is to long - Sentence crimes not criminals - Some sentences too harsh. - Rob the person who makes the sentence of their discretion. - Mandatory sentences hit minorities harder than white people. o Ex. Crack only found in poorest communities. - Keeping drug offenders longer than violent offenders in jail. BASICALLY… - Minimum sentences are bad, affect minorities, minor criminals and make drug offenders in jail longer Crisis in Corrections - America has the highest rate in incarceration - Doubled since 1980 - 40 states are under court order. - ¼ black males between 20-29 the correctional system - Mandatory minimum sends first time offenders to prison and gives them longer sentences. - Decline in rehab so recidivism on the rise. - We don’t do anything to prevent crime – we aren’t dealing with the problem - We face a future where prisons will have to be reserved for the worst criminals - We need to find a solution for addicted inmates. BASICALLY.. - Prison rates are increasing, prisoners have more problems and the correctional facilities aren’t doing anything about it. TB management in prisons revisited - Contracting tb should not be part of the prisoners punishment. - TB is high in prison and can lead to death - Major health issue in the prison world – way higher than in the community. - Get it in jail and spread it to the community – through visitors to families. - Tb is a disease of poverty – belong to minority groups. o Enter prison with a higher risk of disease. - Overcrowded prison facilitate the spread of TB – no ventilation - Environment affects their immune system. - Prisons should be able to be provided for in separate quarters – but this won’t happen due to overcrowding. - You never know where you got the TB due to being around so many people all the time. - Prisoners are allowed visitors at anytime even if they are contagious. - Prisoners don’t seek medical help and don’t know they have it so they spread it. - Sometimes they need to pay for treatment and cant afford it o Leads to a very late diagnoses - They self-medicate and may develop resistant strains. - Some people fake the symptoms - After they get out of prisons its hard for them to continue treatment. o They need to continue but sometimes they cant - Sometimes the prison systems are reluctant to start treatment if ur going to be out soon. - Drugs have many side effects making some prisoners not want to take it. - If your punished (in the hole) you cant get treatment - Cant get transportation to get treatment in another facility. - Sometimes they sell their drugs (treatment drugs) - Need high energy food while on the drugs which they don’t get in the prison. - There should be a health education program in the prisons to teach them what they have and how to treat it. - Prison staff don’t use medical masks properly or don’t use one at all – can spread to them. - You can get TB with HIV BASICALLY… Its really easy to get TB, hard to get treatment or you cant continue treatment. Spreads easily within the prison. Criminal justice policies - To improve prison health is to reduce prison population - One prison was so packed showered counted be use. - Not crime that changing but the politics. - Prisons have grown to bring in more poor people - Since prisons are so unhealthy we should have other solutions such as restorative justice. - Giving the poor something to lose if they commit crime. - No prisons are free of illegal drugs. - Needles are scarce. - Should have a program for drug dependent prisoners. - Needle exchange programs and way to clean needles. - Commit crimes in order to buy drugs. - DRUGS RUIN OUR LIVES (cloes words ;) ) BASICALLY… Overcrowding affects our health, causes tension when social differences come up. Prison is a dumping groups for the poor. A way to fix this is to have alternative and to give the poor something to lose. Drugs cause many problems with the health in prison Prisons as public health - New public health era - Same diseases as community but higher proportions - Nurses both health professionals and security – conflict of interests. - Prisons make expensive use of health care. - Less eligibility principle. - Harm reduction programs – condoms and safe tattooing. - Wider parole access to prisoners terminally ill (dying). - Target to prison to be consumers of health. - Healthisazion of actuarial justice = the goal is not to rehabilitate but to manage the risks. o Indicate security level and conditions of parole. o Not formally in use in the correctional system. - Same issues as the community – hard to find specialist, hard to continue treatment. - Inmates but put into isolation for rejection medication. BASICALLY… - Even if you want to take advantage of the health services you cant in the prison due to lack of availabili
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