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Political Science
Stephanie Mullen

POL2156 Chapter Summaries: Chapter 2: → The Research Process: Phase 1: Essential First Steps: clarifies the issue to be research and chooses a research method - there are a few essential steps within this step 1. Focus and narrow the research problem ex: the lower a persons age, the more likely they are to be unemployed 2. Select research design: you chose between qualitative and quantitative 3. design a measure for variables: 4. tables for analysis: how you will summarize your data - they way you design the tables depends on whether you are doing qualitative or quantitative research 5. select a sample: you must pick a certain group or type of person to design your research on Phase 2: Data Collection - first you collect data on your subject and then and then summarize it Phase 3: Analysis and Interpretation - you must relate the data to your research question and then draw your conclusions - you also have to identify the limitations in your research (i.e. study was only done in one country, outcome can be influenced by time of year) - then you suggest further research ideas Research as a Discipline: - research questions have two basic properties, they are limited to certain time or places and it is a small fragment of a large question. PRACTICE: pg. 16 Try limiting the research questions. - the research process must be honest and accurate, no biases. - you must keep records because it allows people to see your research process and ensures reliability. - you must assess the limitations of your research and to where they would apply in practical situations. Theory and Data: THEORY: - a guess about the way things are and it asserts a relationship between concepts DATA: this is facts produced by research and these facts acquire meaning when they are related to a theory. Chapter 3: Selecting a Problem: → Literature Review: this is an important step because you embed your findings within larger research debates. - it can help you to define a research question by looking at other studies → Narrow and Clarify the Problem: → Stating the Problem: Hypothesis: a statement that asserts a relationship between concepts - you can diagram your hypothesis (a
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