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Najwa Haddad

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Psychology Prologueon the scale of outer space we are a single grain of sand on all the oceans beachesthere is nothing more awe inspiring and absorbing than our own brain the brain is by far the most complex and physical object known to us our consciousness mind thinking emotions actions are complex psychologists analyze personality offer counselling give advicepsychology is a science that answers how and why we think feel and act as we do What is Psychologypsychology is a science that had its beginnings with the first psychological laboratory founded by a German philosopher and physiologist Wilhelm Wundt in 1879 where he was seeking to measure the fastest and simplest mental processes early schools of psychology include structuralism and functionalism Gestalt psychology behaviourism and psychoanalysis structuralism seeks to study the structural elememnts of the minddeveloped by Titchener introspection looking inward was used as a method to engage people in order to explore the structural elements of the human mind subjects were trained to report ele
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