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Chapter 10

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Christine Mountney

CHAPTER 10 REVIEW IntelligenceWhat Is Intelligence 1 What argues for and against considering intelligence as one general mental abilityFactor analysis is a statistical procedure that has revealed some underlying commonalities in different mental abilities Spearman named this common factor the g factor Thurstone argued against defining intelligence so narrowly as just one score He identified seven different clusters of mental abilities Yet there remained a tendency for high scorers in one of his clusters to score high in other clusters as well Our g scores seem most predictive in novel situations and do not much correlate with skills in evolutionarily familiar situations2 How do Gardners and Sternbergs theories of multiple intelligences differGardner proposes eight independent intelligences linguistic logicalmathematical musical spatial bodily kinesthetic intrapersonal interpersonal and naturalist Sternbergs theory has proposed three intelligence domains analytical academic problemsolving creative and practical For more on the single intelligencemultiple intelligences debate see Table 1023 What is creativity and what fosters itCreativity is the ability to produce novel and valuable ideas It correlates somewhat with intelligence but beyond a score of 120 that correlation dwindles It also correlates with expertise imaginative thinking skills a venturesome personality intrinsic motivation and the support offered by a creative environment4 What makes up emotio
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