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Chapter 7.2

Ch.7.2 From RNA to Protein

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George S Espie

From RNA to Protein October-19-11 5:21 PM An mRNA sequence is decoded in sets of three nucleotides • Genetic code is the rules of how nucleotide sequence in mRNA is translated to amino acid sequence of protein • There's a total of 64 combinationsof three nucleotides, and only 20 amino acids are found commonlyin proteins • Every three nucleotide in RNA is a codon • Can be translated in any one of three different reading frames tRNA molecules match amino acids to codon in mRNA • Transfer RNAs (tRNA) about 80 nucleotides in length • Four regions of tRNA form double strands to create clover shape • The anticodon is the unpaired region where it attaches to the codon to be translated • The 3' end of tRNA matches the amino acid that it will bring to the translation • Some amino acid have more than one tRNA due to redundancy, or some tRNA can base pair can base-pair with more than one codon ○ Some only require the firs
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