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key points for textbook readings for lecture 1

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Lina Samuel

Lecture 1 Chapter 4 Rudi Voltis text THE ORGANIZATION OF WORK IN PREINDUSTRIAL TIMES Work is organized in a specific way such that it entails what needs to be done, the procedures to follow the equipment to be used, the time to be allocated and the sequence of activities to be followed Organization of work encompasses a variety of structures and processes o Traditional base it has always been like this regardless if its effective or not o Functional base-planned, rational and well thought out Organization of work reflects existing social structures and processes Traditional Societies and the Organization of Work In hunting and gather societies, what needs to be done is clear and when to do it too How to allocate who will do it is dependent on ascribed characteristics ie.sex, race, ethnicity Age is more flexible in that in some societies, individuals age 14 would be considered an adult whereas in other societies it is not Women were relegated to the role of gathering while men to hunting Tradtional farm work Race is a biological category manifested by physical attributes ie skin colour, hair texture and shape of facial features Categorizing by race is arbitrary because it is a social construct that varies Family as a base of organization Being born to a family put one into an ascribed status Use of family ties being incorporated into the organization of work where it considered illegitimate to use family connections to get a job www.notesolution.com
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