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ANTA01 Ch 11

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Genevieve Dewar

Ch 11 New Ideas New WorldsRed ochre was found in Qafzeh Cave Israel near human skeletons90 000 ya that were possibly a symbol for blood signifying some intelligence Mollusk shell bead necklaces were found in Blombos Cave South Africa75 000 ya Upper Paleolithic term used for the final phase of the Paleolithic in Europe dating btw 40 000 10 000 ya associated w the first appearance of anatomically modern humans in Europe TechnicalBehvral SophisticationLate Stone Age final phase of the Stone Age in Africa dating btw 40 00010 000 yaMiddle Paleolithic term used for the time period in Europe after the Lower Paleolithicbefore the Upper Paleolithic dating to btw 250 00040 000 ya encompassing the cultures of the premodern varieties of humans beings including the Neanderthals Middle Stone Age term used for the time period in Africa after the Early Stone Agebefore the Late Stone Age dating btw 250 000 40 000 ya encompassing the cultures of premodern varieties of human beings including those transitional btw premodernanatomically modern Homo sapiens Cultural Innovations of Upper Paleolithic 1 Stone blades rather than flakesSignificant planningpreparation is reqd Gravettian an Upper Paleolithic toolmaking tradition characterized by the production of smalldenticulate knives f 27 000 to 21 000 BP Solutrean stone toolmaking tradition of the European Upper Paleolithic f 21 000 to 16 000 ya that includes bifacially flaked symmetrical leafshaped projectile pointsProjectile point a pointed tool hafted onto a wooden shaft thats used to shoota target spear p
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