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UTSCANTA02H3Maggie CummingsFall

ANTA02H3 Chapter Notes -Pastoralism, Matrilateral, Milk Kinship

OC273223 Page
16 Dec 2010
Prologue: sahara desert: live abut for one million moors, the ideal female beauty has for centuries been to be as fat as possible. It is the look admir
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UTSCANTB20H3Lena MortensenSpring

ANTB20H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-4: Ecotourism

OC3000394 Page
24 Apr 2015
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UTSCANTA02H3Hollis MooreSummer

summary of Lydias Open Door

OC5913224 Page
7 Dec 2014
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UTSCANTB19H3Donna YoungFall

ANTB19H3 Chapter Notes -Rinderpest

OC1702414 Page
12 Oct 2011
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UTSCANTA02H3Maggie CummingsSpring

ANTA02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Narrative, Drug Resistance, Drug Rehabilitation

OC23800962 Page
9 Apr 2018
Young female inmates recites versus out of the bible and after bible study, the teens have recreational periods working on their creative projects. Com
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UTSCANTA02H3Maggie CummingsSpring

ANTA02H3 Chapter 4: Renegade Dreams

OC23800963 Page
9 Apr 2018
Kemo (gang leader) and justin (former gang member) organize a community forum on violence. Rate of violent crime was almost double those of nyc and la.
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UTSCANTA02H3Maggie CummingsWinter

Feeding Desire Chapter Notes and Key Points

OC404210 Page
28 Apr 2011
Plumpness = culturally associated w health vs illness; (obesity and fat is a negative connotation) Prologue : there is more to beauty than meets the ey
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UTSCANTA02H3Maggie CummingsSpring

ANTA02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Social Relation, Social Forces, Sweatpants

OC23800963 Page
9 Apr 2018
Focuses on west side chicago neighborhood called east-wood. Learned how to build social bonds, listen to people"s desires and how to learn from the way
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UTSCANTA02H3Robert BrymWinter

ANTA02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Premarital Sex, Coconut Oil, Kilivila Language

OC599783 Page
10 Mar 2013
Place: trobriand islands of papua new guinea. Bronislaw kasper malinowski first researched these islands. He planned to conduct ethnographic fieldwork
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UTSCANTA01H3Genevieve DewarFall

Chapter 12 study guide notes

2 Page
20 Jul 2010
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UTSCANTA01H3Genevieve DewarFall

ANTA01H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Tooth Enamel, Radioactive Decay, Asteroid Family

OC30066 Page
23 Oct 2011
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UTSCANTB20H3Girish DaswaniWinter

ANTB20H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Uptodate, Critical Role, Indep

OC1243585 Page
5 Jan 2015
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