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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 notes- Anthro text book by Shawn Lehman

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Christopher Watts

Chapter 1: Intro to evolutionary Anthropology Anthropology: short notes (text book) Anthropology: the global and holistic study of human culture and biology Holistic: Considering all aspects of the research subject. Non-human primate: any primate that is not human. Morphology: The study of the form and structure of organisms Ecology: The study of interrelationships oforganisms and their environment. Primatology: -scientific study of our closest extant biological relatives: non-human primate species -species: a single, distinct class of living creature with features that distinguish it from other living creatures. -primate: any extant or extinct member of the order of mammals that include lemurs, tarsiers, monkeys, apes and humans Paleoanthropology: -the multidisciplinary study of the biological evolution of humans and non-human primates. - usually best known for excavating fossils ... researchers also investigate the advent of and changes in human cultural activities -including tool use, subsistence patterns, and disease -ancient primates evolved and went extinct in response to a variety of geological and biological processes -paleoanthropologists lso investigate the evolutionary history of behaviour in human and non-human primates i.e Dr.Mark collard of Simon Fraser University combines biological evolution and archaeology to understand patterns of primate and human evolution Human Variation: Anthropologists study human variation to determine spatial and temporal variations in human features We come in an array of sizes, shapes and colours 1 www.notesolution.com
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