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Shelly Ungar

 Functionalism – Stresses that human behaviour is governed by relatively stable social structures. Underlines how the social structure maintains social stability. Functionalist theories incorporate (combine) these four features o Functionalism is dependent on stable social structure – each part of society plays a part on holding it together o Social structures are based mainly on shared values and preferences o Re-establishing equilibrium (symmetry and balance) and maintaining social stability – Maintaining social system (Trying to let everyone have a say) can solve most social problems Ex. Workers agree on getting less pay can avoid strikes and suicides  Social Stability (Control) – How stable the society is  Manifest function – are visible and intended effects of social structure  Latent function – are invisible and unintended effects of social structure  Dysfunctional consequences – are effects of social structure that create social instability  Ex. Uni – Manifest Function: Teaches skills, norms and values for job, Latent: keeps young people off jobs, accept inequality Dysfunction: Too much education & skills not related to the job market which devalues the degree, uni gets people boring but educated which is unfulfilled expectations for job  Conflict Theory – Created by Karl Marx: Conflict theory stresses that people of the privileged will try to maintain their advantage while subordinate (minor) struggle to improve theirs. Conflict theory leads to the suggestion that eliminating privilege will lower the level of conflict  Classes avoid one another, no shared values and culture, and parts of society do not necessarily contribute to social order (Blacks and Whites in the past)  Class Conflict – is the struggle between classes to resist and overcome the opposition of other classes  Conflict theory is all about change people feels like not treated right, while functionalist is generally about keeping things stable and people thinking alike  Symbolic Interactionism – a theory that human interaction and communication is made easier by words, gestures, and other symbols that have acquired its meaning  Feminist Theory – Claims that a social system where men are dominant is wrong and work towards the elimination of gender inequality  Post Industrial Revolution – refers to the technology-driven shifts from manufacturing to service industries  Globalization –All t
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