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Chapter 6

chap 6

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Chapter 6 Political SystemAnthropologists includes nonstatesPowerthe ability to exercise ones will over othersAuthoritysocially approved use of powerWhat is The PoliticalMorton Frieds definition of political organization less applicable to nonstate no public policyComprises those portions of social organization that specifically relate to the individuals or groups that manage the affairs of public policy or seek to control the appointment or activities of those individuals or groupsthe individuals or groups that manage the affairs of public policy federal state and local governmentsMuch preferredSpeak of sociopolitical organization in discussing the politicalregulation or management of relations among groups and their representativesPolitical Regulationincludes such processes as decisionmaking social control and conflict resolutionTypes and TrendsElman Service four typeslevels of political organization1Bandsmall kinbased group found among foragers2Tribehad economics based on nonintensive food production horticulture and pasturalism living in villages and organized into kin groups based on common descent lack a formal government and had no reliable means of enforcing political decision3Chiefdoma form of sociopolitical organization immediate between the tribe and the state social relations were based mainly on kinship marriage descent age generation and gender feature different access to resources and a permanent political structure 4Stateform of sociopolitical organization based on a formal government structure and socioeconomic structureSociopolitical typologycorrelated with the adoptive strategy Services typologyBands and Tribes
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