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Chapter 7

In Search of Respect: Ch. 7 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Chapter 7 Families and Children in Pain ANTA02Psychological and Psychiatric explanations of people in El Barrio ignores political economic and cultural contexto Historical unequal power relations around class ethnicity gender and sexual categories o Psychological explanations usually use white middle class participantsMothers still have exclusive responsibility of motherhood but have much more individual freedomo Some are unwilling to compromise freedom for motherhood leading to abuse and neglectStructural problems of poverty segregation and gender power relations are not addressed by politicians o Need affordable day care job training and employment referral services are hard to come by for poor women Street Cultures ChildrenChildren have difficult life because they witness a lot of violence and drugsMakes it easy for them to become criminals drug addicts or pregnantThe author enjoyed how children played so freely in the streets and the public affection given to children o When he went to middle class homes people didnt give the authors child this affectionClass and racial boundaries were obvious when guars would follow author and the kids he brought
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