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Girish Daswani

WEEK 1 Xavier Inda and RosaldoTracking Global Flows INTRODUCTIONFive Snapshotso Snapshot 1 Guatemalaseveral mayan youth who are unmarried daughters work as apparel assemblers Repetitive tasks in assembly line If they dont meet production goalis deducted from their pay Earn about 4 a day for 14 hrs of work o Snapshot 2 Germanyrefusal of Turkish muslims to integrate into German society They believe that a parallel society has developed in the heart of german cities where honor killings are rampant and patriarchywomens oppression happens Some people trying to save these women o 3RussiaMcDonalds emerging and changing landscape Anti American sentiments and demonstrators use Mcdonalds as staging areaso 4 Nigeriaindian films have become integral part of media scene Indian jewellery and fashion have influenced local fashions Bollywood has infiltrated theri popular cultureo 5 Hong Konglots of discussion on female inheritance Women under customarycolonial law were unable to inherit land Womens groups demanding legal change Some conservatives protest female inheritage undermines traditionThese snapshots nicely depict globalization This term simply in this paper refers to the intensification of global interconnectedness suggesting a world full of movement and mixtur
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