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Week 7 Readings

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Donna Young

Week 7 October 202011 Consuming Objects of Desire Adela Pinch Stealing Happiness Shoplifting in Early NineteenthCentury England in Patricia Spyer Editor Border Fetishisms Material Objects in Unstable SpacesShoplifting is a fetishists crime believing that the objects holds out the promise of a happiness that is both below and beyond priceBoth the fetishist and the shoplifter involve a redetermination of the relations between subjects and objects raising questions about how a thing comes to be legitimately ones ownFemale kleptomania is a critical activity stealing the cover off the fraud of femininity itselfFetishism not as error but as a way of reevaluating the meaning of valueBy shopping the wrong way the shoplifter gets it rightwhat the transgression of shoplifting might tell us about the happiness of thing in a consumer cultureThe notion that a propensity to shoplift amongst those who can legitimately afford to pay might be a moral disorder rather than a crime a compulsion rather than a choice goes back at least to the early nineteenth centuryGenteel shoplifting posed an interpretive dilemmaShoplifting wasas we shall see in the following sectionsa very intimate crimeThus shoplifting involved not a magical encounter between shopper and object of desire but a triangle of desire b
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