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Week 8 Readings

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Donna Young

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Week 8 October 27 2011 Anouk de Koning Caf Latte and Caesar Salad Cosmopolitan Belonging in Cairos Coffee Shops221234Muhandisin Cairo 2004Upscale coffee shops like Retro have changed the urban fabric of affluent neighbourhoods enjoying a caf latte or a ceasar salad in one of these coffee shops has become part of the semidaily routine of many young and relatively affluemt CairenesThese coffee shops are not to be confused with the ahawi baladi the maledominated sidewalk cafes for which Cairo is famousThe diverse coffee shops have become spatial orientation points as well as social markers of a certain belonging and selfevident normalityCoffee shops were places of gathering for girls and women after workNow even if their dress had become more modest there is more freedomThose who wore the hijab stated that it was simply obligatory for Muslims and that it did not mean that her lifestyle had to be that different from her female peers who did not wear itThe transnational formula of the coffee shops inserts itself in locally significant and often highly contested domains of leisure and sociability urb
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