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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Ann Verner

Chapter 9 the periodic Table and Some Atomic PropertiesThe basis of the PT is the e configuration of the element s91 classifying elements the Periodic law and the PTPeriodic law when elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic mass certain sets of properties recur periodicallyMolar volume atomic mass of an element divided by the density of its solid form Periodic law was based on molar volumeatomic volume Results represented by a graph of atomic volume against atomic massmolar volume against atomic numberArgon was the first noble gas discoveredRestated periodic law similar properties recur periodically when elements are arranged according to increasing atomic number Page 343 description of periodic table92 metals and nonmetals and their ionsMetals good conductors of heatelectricity malleable ductile moderatehigh MP Nonmetalsnonconductors of heatelectricitynonmalleable brittle solid or gas at room tempMetalloids look like metals behave like metals but have some nonmetallic properties as wellPhysical and chemical properties of elements are determined largely by its e config valence electronic shellNoble gasesAtomics of the noble gases have the maxof e permitted in the valence shellThe s blockAl tend to lose enough electrons to acquire the e config of the noble gases Maingroup metal ions3 Al is the only pblock metal that forms an ion with a noble gas config AlMaingroup nonmetal ionsAtoms of group 1716 the most active nonmetals
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