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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Ann Verner

Chapter 881 electromagnetic Radiation Electromagnetic radiation form of energy transmission in which electric and magnetic fields are propagated as waves through empty space or a mediumproduced by accelerating electrically charged particles ex Radio waves visible light A wake is a disturbance that transmits energy through space or a material medium Wave consist of crest trough Cresthigh points where the rope is at the greatest height above the center lineThrough low points where the rope is at the greatest deptbelow the center of the lineAmplitude maximum height above or below the center of the line Wavelength distance between the top of the two successive crestsmFrequencyof crests or through that pass througha point in a given period of time 1Hz S of events or cycles per sec Product ofand speedhow far the wave front travels in a unit of time Electric fieldregion around electrically charged particledetected by measuring the force on an object when it is brought onto the fieldMagnetic field found in the region surrounding a magnet Frequency wavelength and speed of electromagnetic radiation Speed of electromagnetic radiationits constant speed in a vacuum81 30010ScWavelength for EMR is shorted for higher freq And longer for lower freq An important characteristic of electromagnetic WavesWhen waves are said to be inPhase waves are in step upon meeting their crests troughs overlapwaves combine to produce highest crest and deepest troughscalled constructive interference Out of phaseout of step waves meet where the peek of one wave occurs at the trough of another wave waves cancel outwater is flatdestructive interference
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