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Chapter 8

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Classical Studies
Xuefeng Liu

Chapter 8 – Myths of Hermes, Pan, Hephaestus and Ares Hermes, God of Wayfarers • Hermes (He of the stone heap) • Herm is a set of erect phallus to ward off intruders • Hermes protects travelers from thieves taking what they want with intelligence and stealth. • Carry Caduceas – staff interwined with two snakes copulating • He protects Orators and as a psychopompos (soul guide) leadsdead into house of Hades • He slayed the 100 armed dragon Argus whom Hera set to watch over IO, a mistress of Zeus so was called Argeiphontes, slayer of Argus. The Homeric Hymn to Hermes • Trickster god, Son of Zeus and Mia • When only several years old, invented the lyre(midday) , stole brother Apollo’s cattle (evening) then lied about it to Apollo and Zeus • 7 stringed Lyre made from tortoise shell and gut of a sheep • Craving meat stole the cattle by cutting off 50 head and persuading old man no to tell and wearing sandals to hide tracks • He sacrificed meat to gods (12) as he could not eat it but only aroma. He fed cows well and used wood fire to do it. • Hermes goes back to act as a baby • The old man told Apollo about wings so he knew it was Hermes and went to his cave • Hermes wouldn’t admit it as he was just a baby so he took him to Zeus • He ordered Hermes to tell him •
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