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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Deirdre Flynn

CHAPTER ONE LOOKING AT MOVIES LOOKING AT MOVIEScinematic language the accepted systems methods or conventions by which the movies communicate with the viewerWHAT IS A MOVIEfilm is often applied to a motion picturederives from the celluloid strip on which the images that make up motion pictures were originally capturedconsidered to be more serious or challenging than movies that entertain the massescinema is for groups of films that are considered works of artoriginates from the name that filmmaking pioneers Auguste and Louis Lumiere coined for the hall in which they exhibited their inventionalmost all featurelength movies share a basic characteristic narrative these movies tell fictional storiesevery movie regardless of category employs narrative in some formhowever cultural differences often affect exactly how these stories are presentedevery movie is a motion picture a series of still images that when viewed in rapid succession the human eye and brain see as fluid movementfilms are constructed from individual shots one uninterrupted run of the camera A shot can be as short or as long as the director wants but it cannot exceed the length of the film stock in the cam
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