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Environmental Science
Tanzina Mohsin

EESA09H 2010-09-16 LECTURE 1: INTRODUCTION TO WIND Chinook specific form for Calgary: mountain winds (details in Lecture 7) *Hurricanes are not dangerous until they hit land ATMOSPERIC PRIMER The History of Wind Mythology Greek: Boreas and Eurus it was said back then that if you experienced those winds, you were being punished by the Greek God Aeolus North American Natives: wind is highly related to their spiritual lives; they can smell wind and tell if it is bringing good fortune or bad fortune There was a metaphoric meaning in the word wind Gone with the Wind representing the relationship between the two lovers The Hurricane the actors personality was considered to be like a hurricane *The Beaufort Scale: oldest measure of wind using water surfaces Participation Opportunity Identify a movie in which wind plays a role Email TA Kinson Leung the title, the year, and the metaphoric role wind plays in the movie Read rules & Guidelines on Blackboard The History of Wind Geologic Control 4.6 billion years: the starting point of our atmosphere Atmospheric composition is dynamic, but balanced; incoming always equals outgoing Early Earth Made up of mainly gases (Carbon Dioxide and Methane) from volcanic eruptions Another theory: gases originated from a comet hitting the Earths surface 2.3 Billion years of methane, cardon dioxide atmosphere Abrupt change 2.3 billion years ago Gaia Hypotheses Life modifies the environment to best suit itself survival of the fittest When oxygen appeared, plants and living things appeared as well www.notesolution.com
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