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Week8HISA07KalpanaKumarasalamstOct312013Chapter6GreeceintheDarkandArchaicAges1100500BCEth 5 century BCE aka Golden Age of GreecePeriods Dark and Archaic AgesGreeks recovered from the decline and fall of the Mycenaean civilizationAnd created a complexsophisticated civilization based on the political institution aka polis or citystate The Greek Dark Ages1100776 BCE Greece began the Iron Age with a period called the Greek Dark Ages after the collapse of the Mycenaean civilizationMost things from the Mycenaean culture vanishedComplex administrativeeconomic systemStone architectureA trading economyUrbanization SculptureKnowledge of writingOnly few materials remain in legends and myths of the Mycenaean world but might just be exaggerations from the truthGreek war against Troy is an exampleThe Coming of the Dorians A Greek legend tells us the story of the warlike northern Greeks the Dorians who led an invasion 60 years after the fall of Troy 1120 BCE Destroyed the Mycenaean civilization and occupied the most fertile agricultural lands of southern GreeceA legend says thatHercules three grandchildren Heracleidae became the rulers of the DoriansConquered Peloponnesus southernmost part of Greece they divided the territoryoTemenusArgos oCresphontesMesseniaoSons of AristodemusLaconiaFourth descendent of Hercules Aletes captured Corinth laterA Mycenaean emigration took place Neleids noble family from Pylos was said to have fled to Athens It was difficult to find archaeological signs of massive invasions but during this time iron swords tools pins and buttons and cremation started to appearDorian speakers displaced the earlier Mycenaean populations and occupied nearly all of southern Greece Massive invasion or gradual infiltrationDorian settlement
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