HLTB15H3 Chapter : HLTA10 Pgs 214-223

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4 Jan 2012

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Quantitative research deals w/ quantities and relations btwn attributes, involves the collection and analysis of structured data in the positivist tradition = appropriate for situations where there s pre-existing knowledge which will permit standardized data collection methods (survey questionnaire) Sociological observational research are appropriate where phenomenon of interest can be observed directly. Social surveys, aim to measure attitudes, knowledge, and bhvr and to collect info as accurately as possible. > descriptive surveys, carried out in order to describe pop n to study associations btwn variables and to establish trends (measures certain phenomena [events, bhvr, attitudes]) > phenomena are observed + described rather than tested. > longitudinal survey, conducted @ more than one point in time and aim to analyze cause and effect rel sh. Survey, a method of collecting info f/ a sample of the pop n of interest (w/ person interviews, postal or self completed questionnaire)