Study Notes -- the Power of Plagues, Chapter 1

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18 Jan 2011

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The Power of Plagues
Chapter 1
The Nature of Plagues:
- Legionnaires disease: respiratory infection resulting from aspiration of bacteria (called
Legionella) in aerosolized water.
TSS (Toxic Shock
- Gender-specific
- tampons which contained cross-
linked carboxylmethyl cellulose
with polyester foam, which
allowed toxin-producing S. aureus
to grow.
- nausea, chills, diarrhea, headache,
and sore throat
- high temperature & heart rate
- red rash on thighs, face, abdomen,
and arms
- brownish discharge from pelvic
SARS (severe
acute respiratory
- Chinese physician who traveled
to Hong Kong who was ill
- Disease traveled around the
world through, transmitted from
- fever, dry cough, sore throat,
Measles - caused by virus
- transmitted through air through
coughing, sneezing, and talk
- infection multiplies, reaching
lymph nodes and released viruses
that invade white blood cells all
of which are essential to
- fever, weakness, loss of appetite,
coughing, runny nose, and tearing
of the eyes
- rash later appears on ears,
forehead, face, neck, trunk, and feet
- Immunization for children, treating illness with effective drugs and antibiotics, and good
nourishment help minimize the effects of an epidemic.
- New and old diseases can erupt and spread throughout the world more quickly due to
increased and rapid movements of people and goods, as well as advances in technology (as
in the case of TSS)
Living Off Others:
- derived from the Latin word parasitus meaning food.
- Entities that are unable to survive on their own and require another living being for their
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