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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Textbook Notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB03 Midterm Notes: Health, Illness, and Health Care in Canada Z9 }LZ]L2L [email protected]^} ]o^ }-ZZ[J}l Introduction Driven by neo-liberalism and corporatization as part of economic globalization, several decades of Canadian health }KZ}ZLZ }L]]}LZ}LZZ[}land thus the care nurses are able to provide. They have the capacity to critically analyze and influence their conditions of work J in other words, they have agency, albeit constrained. @Z]Z ZK]LZZ }LZL Z}LZZ[}l]LZculture of health care characterized by a corporate ideology7Lo}ZLZZ[}oZ]LZZ]L2Z]}lL}lL]}LKLZ: J]oo }LZ]Z}LZZ[}l]Z}2L]]Z]LZ ]LZ}LZZ] ]]L }}]}o}2: Patterns of pra ] }Z ]Ll]L}^] ]L _o]K]]L2Lo]L2Z} Lemotional labour of nursing. Nurses then donate unpaid time to limit moral distress they experience while working under such conditions. This critical analysis of the culture of health care is offered in the spirit of building on the strengths of the current system. This chapter builds on our programs of research, which include: 1. Z}LZZ[L KL}Z]K}o2L 7 }L ]L} K] oL]Z]L two hospitals. The study included over 200 hours of participant observation and 22 interviews with 11 nurses from acute care and 3 from home care. 2. Z}LZZ[ ] ]Lo]}L}]}oL 2]LZ}KL7 }L ]LZK2L L]Z}} hospitals and their communities. The study involved over 200 hours of participant observation, and interviews with 45 participants, including nurses, social workers, physicians, clerks, and patients. 3. A study of the meaning of ethics and the enactment of ethical practice from the perspective of nurses (The Ethics of Practice). This study involved interviews with 87 student, staff, and advanced practice nurses from various practice settings in 19 focus groups. 4. A recent participatory action research study of nursing practice (Ethics in Action) conducted in an Emergency Unit and a Medical Oncology Unit. This study involved three years of participant observation, interviews, focus groups, meetings, workshops, and informal work within the two practice settings. At each site, the research team included staff nurses and academic investigators working in partnership. Along with qualitative data collection through focus groups and interviews, regular meetings with staff were conducted at each site to discuss, debrief, and to plan for change. The research process supported staff to initiate changes in their workplaces toward ethical practice. Each of these studies used feminist and critical perspectives, and drew on the work of a number of diverse theorists. Thus, this chapter draws on the four studies listed above as well as on meta-synthesis of the first two studies. The Corporate Context of Contemporary Health Care The Canadian health care system is increasingly shaped by globalization, in which capital flows around the world to serve the interests of economically dominant elite. While the espoused intent of the health care reforms occurring in Canada and other Western countries is to improve the quality and accessibility of health care, the implementation of the reforms is fuelled by a powerful corporate ideology. Cost constraints has to a significant extent, trumped the quality and accessibility of health care. Economic trends in Canada, including budget deficits and restrictions in the role of the federal government in maintaining the principles of medicare, put tremendous pressure on provincial and territorial governments to economize on health spending. }LZLo7 LZZ }L]L}]L ^ o]K} ZL2]LZ}2L]]}LLKL2KL} healZZ] ZZLZ LZLZ]L2Z]L Z}L]}L}Z LZZKZ }Ko]L:_ www.notesolution.com
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