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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Hltb03Chapter 15 - Inequalities of wealth and income produce unequal life chances and opportunities for material and social rewardspoverty translates into homelessness, ill health, short life expectancy, etc Inequality and poverty - Income inequalities is an important dimension of social stratificationthere are wide income disparities among Canadians - A significant number of Canadians live in povertythe number of poor people was nearly 5 million in 2003 and the poverty rate was nearly 16% - Child poverty figures follow the same general patternin 2003, 1.2 children lived in pover at a rate of ~16.7% - Poverty rates are relative low for two parent families and quite high for families with single parent mothers - These income disparities produce an inequality of opportunities and life chances, and have negative outcomes for individuals in low income and poor families - Poverty of opportunities and family income levels are factors detrimental to healthy child development and child well being Inequality, poverty and health status - Social medicine is primarily concerned with the social, economic and environmental conditions in society that produce patterns of morbidity and mortality - Those who are advantaged with respect to socio economic status are also advantaged in health statusthey live longer, healthier and more disability- free lives on average than those who are poor - Research finding found evidence of association between social structural determinants and the variation in health risks and health outcomes for children Infant mortality - Infant mortality is one of the most important indicators of population health because of its association with adult mortality and life expectancy - Infant mortality in Canada has declined steadily - Overall infant deaths have decline substantially, class, race and regional differences persist in affecting child health www.notesolution.com
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