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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Ch 5 AIDS westerncentral Africans and Asians stst 1 pandemic of the 21 CE Human retrovirus reverse transcriptase HIV disd in 832 StrainsHIV1 found globally HIV2 found in West Africa 81 Young male homosexuals had to be treated w the drug pentamidine for PCP Pneumocystis pneumonia caused by Pneumocystis carinii the symptoms were fever lung congestionrespiratory failure Men also exhibited Kaposis sarcoma Gayrelated immune deficiency GRID was labelled for this collection of symptoms 83 Montagnier French named the causative agent Human lymphotropic Tcell virus HLTV IIIGallo US named it Lymphadenopathy virus LAVToday it is renamed Human immunodeficiency virus HIV that leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AIDSHIV is RNA contained within a protein wrapper the core encased in an outer virus coat capsid within the outermost layer envelope which is part of the host Transfer of genetic info is RNA DNA RNA Protein HIV is a retrovirus bc its flow of info is reverse of whats typical in cells 85 HIV diagnostic test became availableThe Chamberland filter 1884 helped the discovery of the Rous sarcoma virus RSV that causes tumours cancerRenato Dulbecco disd that DNA viruses could become integrated into the cells chromosomesthus hidden DulbeccoTemin knew that RSV was an RNAcontaining virusthe RSV nucleic acid acts as a provirus when its incorporated into the host celltriggers the cells to become cancerous TeminBaltimore disd the enzyme reverse transcriptase in RSV that could make DNA copies f the virus
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