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Caroline Barakat

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Ch 13 The Peoples Plague Tuberculosis 275303In 1853 consumption was characterized by nostalgia depressionsexual indulgence Symptoms of TB were romanticizedthinness long neckhands shining eyes pale skinred cheeksTB was believed to spark creative intellectuality The White PlaguethinpaleFurther symptoms were incessant coughing sneezing painful breathing walking loss f weight loss thickbloody sputum chest pain night sweatspainPulmonary TB galloping consumption TB of the lungsmost commoninfectiousScrofula TB of the neckswollen lymph nodes of the neck Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the cause of TBpulmonary TBPathogen has a protective waxy cell wallgrows best w high levels of oxygenAirborne mode of transmission through salviamucousurbanizationLupus Vulgaris TB of the skinMiliary TBgrainlike tubercles spread via bloodstream into every organ of the body0Bovine TB TB of the spinefusion of the vertebraedeformed spinehunchbackPotts DiseaseMycobacterium bovis is the cause Pathogen grows under low oxygen levels results f a blood infectionspreads to the spine via lymph vesselsM bovis arose f soil bacteriacattle domesticationinfected milkAddisons Disease TB of the adrenal near kidneys cortexadrenal impairment Jane Austens death Evidence of TB dates back f 37001000 BC in Egyptian mummies TB pathogen spread f EgyptMiddle EastGreeceIndia via nomadic IndoEuropeans milkdrinking herdsmen Greek physician Hippocrates called the disease phthisis to wastebelieved it was f bad air but not contagiousAristotle 384322 BCGalen theory of c
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