HLTA01 Ch 17

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Ch 17 Plagues on OrderBioterrorism is a current threat to our civilization if an infectious agent was released into a megacity Argentine hemorrhagic Junin fever devl when farmers changed f growing mixed crops to only corn which promoted the habitation of a mouse called Calomys musculinisresulted to the spread of the Junin virus 93 Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome respiratory disease broke out in Arizona New Mexico ColoradoUtah by the Sin Nombre virus transmitted by the urine of deer mice Contaminated pinion nuts were harvested by the Navajo USthe dried urine was inhaled Symptoms fever sore throat headache body pains diarrhea vomiting chest pains low blood pressure pulmonary failure Lungs filled w fluid60s Lassa fever emerged f the virus found in the rodent Mastomys natalensis in Sierra Leona Africa the virus is shed in the urine where it driesthe virusladen dust is inhaled by humansIncubation period 12 weeksHemorrhagesdeath 03 Outbreak of monkeypox in Wisconsin f an infected Gambian rat originating f Africa 37 The first case of West Nile virus WNV was seen in a Ugandan woman she suffered f fever headache backache muscle pains anorexia facechest rash swollen neck glands 59 The same virus further caused meningitis encephalitisparalysis cases in NYC degenerated nerve cells in the brainstem90s Meningoencephalitis devl in Russian RomaniaIsrael patients 02 WNV triggered the large
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