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Chapter 14

Plagues and People, chapter 14, leprosy

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Health Studies
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Caroline Barakat

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Chapter 14Leprosy Because of the Roman Catholic Church being at power this disease got the idea of being of religious significance Treated harshly considering them legally dead and isolating them in any way possible from the unaffected Alexanders people translated the wordTsaraath into Lepra in the Hebrew Bible this lead to an assigning of sin to the person and also a blessing as being able to expiate part of that sin while aliveFirst description of Leprosy was written by Aretaeus of Cappadocia in the middle of the second century AD Europe Roman Empire knew the disease by second century ADThe death of Marcus Aurelius on campaign is one of the first sings of this diseaseFacies Leprosa a set of specific bones findings seen in leprosy alone Majority hospitalized cases were Lepromatous Leprosy which compromises the reservoir of contagion isolation could have caused the disease to decline thth The prevalence of disease started decreasing in Europe during the 14 and 15 but continued to thbe present until into the 18 centuryJuly 1920 the National Leprosarium would be placed in Carville Louisiana which since 1894 had been the site of Louisiana Leper Home 1921 the facility was transferred to UN Public Health ServiceFather Charles Boglioli or Father Damien of Louisiana did not receive recognition for his work compared with Father Damien Molokai Hawaii born in 1814 A Vincentian priest performed work among blacks Acadians and Indians In 1866 returned to Louisiana from a civil war in Virginia and become his work at Charity Hospital with leprosy patients died in 1882 after developing leprosy in 1880 died 7 years before Father Damien MolokaiMost historians believe that leprosy sta
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