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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Ch8Functional Health Health Promotion And Quality Of Life y The three primary constructs addressed in this chapter are functional health health promotion and quality of life y Functional health refers to the ability to take care of personal needs such as bathing toileting and dressing as well as tending to other tasks of everyday life including shopping paying bills using the telephone and navigating the physical and social environment y Health promotion programs optimize health and health behaviors and intervene in illness therefore decelerating the effects of disease and functional losses y Quality of life is an overarching construct that includes optimal health and maintenance of independence but it also has affective and cognitive components FUNCTIONAL HEALTH y Functional decline can also result from the cumulative effects of multiple organ dysfunctions even modest losses if they occur in multiple sites can add to the stress load on the body Assessing Functional Health y There are numerous ways of assessing functional health y Two of the most common are measures of daily living skills activities of daily living ADLs and instrumental activities of daily living IADLs but gait and balance and cognitive function can be assessed as well Activities of Daily Livin
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