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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 notes

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Health Studies
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Ch.11 Social Support, Health, and Aging Functions of Social Support Antonucci identified three functions of social support 1) aid(instrumental health) o Tangible aid o E.g. for old people, carrying their groceries or mowing the lawn; basically helping with their ADLS and IADLs 2) affect (emotional support) o Quality of persons relationship with other ppl 3) affirmation (acknowledgement of ones values or agreement with ones attitudes) o Knowledge and understanding that ones beliefs are similar to others Thoits major function of socials upport is to provide info and advice in terms of stress Social Support Networks: Cantor and Little say that there are 3 levels of social support: informal, formal, and quasi-formal Informal Support Family, friends, and neighbours Provide instrumental and emotiaon support Innermost circle members (close family members & friends) provde comfort and safety As person ages, these ppl continue to provide them support Informal support members = primary caregivers to older adult who needs assistance Children-in law are also active caregivers Older adults who live alone AND in deteriorated neighbourhoods have no hope for support www.notesolution.com
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