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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Chapter 12 What Is Optimal Aging Erikson thought that issues in each stage of development, never fully resolved but always revisitied Optimal aging o Different ways of aging o Unfolds depending on choices by individuals o Longevity, avoidance of particular illnesses (CVD cardiovascular) or depression, and self-reported health o Multi-dimensional o Models are also teleological (specify desirable outcome or goal telos) o Telos means that the assumption of the dominatint paradigm, or cultural value o E.g. it is considered good to live long time Rowe and Kahns model of successful aging: Three components: 1. Avoidance of disease 2. Maintenance of high cognitivephysical function 3. Active engagement w life Avoidance of disease: To avoid chronic diseases ppl avoid toxins of cigarette smoke, good nutrition, exercise Exposure to toxins = accelerates aging process Harmful toxins = smoking, alcohol, substance abuse, uv radiation Nutrition = very important Bad diet = too high in fats, sugar, protein, without fresh vegetables and fruits promote CVDs, diabetes, cancer www.notesolution.com
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