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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

IDSB04 Chapter 13 Chapter 13 Building Healthy Societies: From Ideas to Action Key Questions: What makes for a healthy society? How do global health policies and activities aid or impede the building of healthy societies? Global health initiatives and PPPs prioritize technical magic bullets at the expense of integrated and comprehensive approaches to wellbeing What Constitutes Success in Global Health? Global health progress is usually measured in terms of disease control and eradication achievements, number of cases prevented, infant mortality declines and improvements in life expectancy o These are often the goals of global and transnational actors Donor aid o Ex. The BMGF they make an end date where the lives of the people living in poor countries will improve by that time They give people vaccinations, and they believe that through simple actions like handwashing as well as innovations like new toilets that are designed for poor places Development specialists cite the concept of global public goods as a rationale for addressing global health and development needs o They suggest that selfinterest parties are more likely to participate if there is something in it for them o The basic idea is that everyone will enjoy advantages from spending and attention to public goods and no one can be excluded This view doesnt consider the role of power and resource inequalities that determine the distribution of health and wellbeing Global health can be gauged where it is more narrowly focused o Ex. Canadas Operation Eyesight There are different levels of success through training for cataract surgeries for local professionals; campaigning to the WHO A critical political economy approach to global health argues for going beyond the charity model of providing cataract surgery to pursue a deeper understanding of, and activism around, the larger determinants of health inequity and health needs The goal should be to allow people to thrive, equitably and over the long term Therefore, success in global health may best be measured in terms of the fields ability to integrate political economy, human rights, and collective health approaches with public healths technical tools to benefit health and health equity Vertical Health Programs and Global Health Interventions: Success and Limitations Key Questions: What are the characteristics of targeted interventions? How might they be enhanced? A century ago, the idea of tackling diseases was eradiation and technologybased campaigns, a vertical (topdown) structure Technical approaches to global health was not forgotten but was continuously used which faced limitations Which Interventions Work, According to Whom, and What Is the Evidence? Millions Saved is a think tank that seeks to identify proven successes in global health they came up with key ingredients of success: o Predictable and adequate funding o Political leadership o Affordable technologies o Technical consensus about the appropriate biomedical or public health approach
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