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Chapter 10

Notes for Chapter 10 - Understanding Phonology

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Duncan, Liisa

rdUnderstanding Phonology3 editionChapter 10Representing Tone101IntroductionTone languages use pitch contrasts to keep words apart the same way languages use vowel and consonant contrasts to keep words apartMany languages do not use tone contrasts for morpheme specification but to add meaning to the expression ie if an expression is a question or the answer to a question which is known as intonationTones and vowels and consonants are arranged on separate parallel structural tiers102The Inadequacy of a Linear ModelLinear conception of segmental structure every segment is a selfcontained list of features which makes it impossible to represent aspects of pronunciation that characterize more than one segment as a single featureSPE position in the situation where a tone language were to have words whose syllables were all hightoned or all lowtoned each word would then have the feature hightone o However in SPE every segment or every vowel would need to be specified for hightoneAbsolute Slicing Hypothesis the phonological representation of a word is given by making a number of clean cuts along its time axis each slice then being a segmentGoldsmith 1976 the cuts for different features should be allowed to be made in different places so that there will be different strings of features plus the string of depleted features o Autosegment any feature that comes to be removed
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