MGTC41 - Chapter 11

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Management (MGS)
Professor Constantinou

Chapter 11 Employing Strategy Implementation LeverTerminologyStrategic Leadership Task of managing an overall enterprise and influencing organizational outcomes Strategy Formulation Deciding what to do the central integrated externally oriented concept of how we will achieve our objectives arenas staging vehicles differentiators economic logicStrategy Executing what youve planned to dousing implementation levers and Implementation strategic leadershipKnowingdoing gap Phenomenon whereby firms tend to be better at generating new knowledge than at creating new products based on that knowledgeDifference between what firms know and what they do Culture Core organizational values widely held and shared by an organizations members Implementation lever Mechanisms used by strategic leaders to help execute a firms strategyOrganizational Relatively stable arrangement of responsibilities tasks and people within an Structure organization Functional Structure Form of organization revolving around specific valuechain functionsIe finance sales and marketing production and RD Multidivisional Form of organization in which divisions are organized around product or Structure geographic markets and are often selfsufficient in terms of functional expertise Matrix Structure Form of organization
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