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Chapter 9

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Management (MGT)
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MGTA03Summer2011 Chapter 9 Managing Human Resources The Foundations of Human Resource Managemento Human resource management HRM set of organizational activities directed at attracting developing and maintaining an effective workforce The Strategic Importance of HRM o Managers now realize that the effectiveness of HR function has a big impact on the firms performanceo Poor HR planning results in hiring followed by layoffswhich is costly because of unemployment compensation training expenses and morale o A firm like this can acquire a bad image and therefore no good employeestherefore the chief human resource executive is a vice president directly accountable to a CEO o Many firms are developing strategic HR plans that are integrated with other strategic plans Human Resource Planning Job Analysis o Job analysis a detailed study of the specific duties in a particular job and the human qualities required for that job o Job analysis is made up of 2 parts o Job description the objectives responsibilities and key tasks of a job the conditions under which it will be done its relationship to other positions and the skills needed to perform it o Job specification the specific skills education and experience needed to perform a jobForecasting HR Demand and Supply o Manager asses trends in past HR usage future organizational plans and general economic trends o Historical ratios can then be used to predict demand for types of employees o For larger organizations forecasting the supply of labour involves 2 tasks o Forecasting internal supplythe number and type of employees who will be in the firm at some future date o Forecasting external supplythe number and type of people who will be available for hiring from the labour market at large o Replacement Charts an HR technique that lists each important managerial position who occupies it and how long he or she will stay before moving on and who by name is qualified or will be qualified to move into it allows for time to plan developmental experiences for people identified as the potential successorso Skills Inventories computerized systems that contain information on each eomployees education skills work experience and career aspirationscan quickly find an employee that is qualified to fill a certain positionMatching HR Supply and Demand o After comparing future demand and internal supply managers can make plans to manage the predicted shortfalls and overstaffing o If the organization needs to hire the external labour supply forecast helps managers plan how to recruit according to whether the type of person needed in readily available or scarce in the labour market o The use of temporary workers gives managers extra flexibility o If overstaffing is a problem then options are transferring not replacing individuals who quit encouraging early retirement and laying people off Staffing the Organization Recruiting Human Resources
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