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Chapter Three Notes

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

Chapter 3 Organizing Your Presentation 12 Steps of Organization 1) Select the Topic appropriate for audience use PAL 2) Limit the Topic to One Central Theme keep in mind amount of time & level of audience 3) Gather the Information research, brainstorm, use examples, stories, analogies, quotes, humour, visual aids 4) Choose a Method of Organization 5) Outline Your Main Points 3-5 points, add transition to connect the ideas 6) Collect Supporting Data interesting secondary information 7) Check for Accuracy verify information 8) Design the Introduction catchy, tells the listener WIIFT, grabber & hook 9) Write a Strong Conclusion refer to introduction, review key points, deliver a call to action, memorable 10) Put Together a Final Draft write our your memorable phrases & transitions 11) Practice Your Presentation practice 3-6 times out loud, say it differently each time, tape record 12) Practice Your Presentation Again and Again The Outline: 8
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