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Chapter 4

MGHB02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Baby Boomers, Millennials, Conscientiousness

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Phani Radhakrishnan

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Chapter 4: Values, attitudes, and work behaviour
What are Values?
A broad tendency (general and do not predict behaviour in speci6c situations very well) to
prefer certain states of a:airs over others
Preference aspect – values have to do with what we consider good and bad
They signal the attractive aspect of our environment that we seek and the unattractive
aspects that we try to avoid or change
Signal how we believe we should and should not behave
People tend to hold values structured around achievement, power, autonomy, conformity,
tradition, and social welfare
high productivity (an achievement value) and enlightened supervision and full
employment (social values)
Generational di:erences in values
Traditionalist – grew up in the shadow of two wars
oPortrayed as being respectful of authority and having a high work ethic
Baby boomers – faced a vibrant economy (sexual revolution and the advent of rock ‘n’ roll)
oViewed as optimistic workaholics
Generation X – dual-career families and more divorce when growing up
oSeen as cynical, con6dent and pragmatic
The Millennial (Generation Y) – dual-career families and more divorce when growing up
oSaid to be con6dent, social, demanding of feedback and somewhat unfocused
Cultural di:erences in values
Business links across cultures
Korean cares on North American roads, your Dell helpdesk service provider resides in
India, and an entire line of Italian cookware are made in China
Work centrality – the extent to which people perceive work as a central life interest
Hofstedes study

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Implications of Cultural Variation
Exporting OB Theories
Importing OB Theories
Appreciating global customers
Developing global employees
What are attitudes?
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