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Chapter Three Notes

Management (MGT)
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Chapter 3 – Organizing Your Presentation
12 Steps of Organization
1) Select the Topic – appropriate for audience – use PAL
2) Limit the Topic to One Central Theme – keep in mind amount of time & level of audience
3) Gather the Information – research, brainstorm, use examples, stories, analogies, quotes,
humour, visual aids
4) Choose a Method of Organization
5) Outline Your Main Points – 3-5 points, add transition to connect the ideas
6) Collect Supporting Data – interesting secondary information
7) Check for Accuracy – verify information
8) Design the Introduction – catchy, tells the listener WIIFT, grabber & hook
9) Write a Strong Conclusion – refer to introduction, review key points, deliver a call to action,
10) Put Together a Final Draft – write our your memorable phrases & transitions
11) Practice Your Presentation – practice 3-6 times out loud, say it differently each time, tape
12) Practice Your Presentation Again and Again
The Outline: 8 Β½ by 11 inch paper, phrase outline or short sentence method
β€’Audience, purpose, introduction, body, transition, conclusion
The 3 Main Parts of Your Presentation:
β€’Introduction: sets the tone, attention grabber (10-15% of your presentation)
β€’Body: 3-5 main points to inform or persuade (70-80%)
β€’Conclusion: review main points & give a strong call to action (5-10%)
Use Your Transitions Wisely: to segue using phrases, short remarks, tools to guide you through
& avoid pitfalls
Must, Should, Could: colour code sections so you know which parts to cut out, put a box around
β€œcould know”
Introduction – set tone, make first impression
1. Get the audience’s attention
2. Establish WIIFT (what’s in it for them)
3. Establish your credibility
4. Let the audience know what your subject is
Attention Grabber/ Hooks – question, unusual fact, illustration, example, story, quotation,
humour, WIIFT, let them know who you are, preview your subject
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