VPMB94 Chapter 4 Review

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Music and Culture
Alan Stanbridge

Chapter 4 Origins of Jazzoriginated from pop music styles of the 1800sblended to satisfy social dancers3 trends caused the birth of jazz1 Improvisationliberties with melodiesaccompaniment of tunes2 Liberties with tone qualitiescultivate roughraspy sound to collection of smooth tone qualities3 RagtimebluesRagtimeprovided jazz repertorysyncopated rhythmsThe bluesprovided jazz repertorytoy with a melody tones pitch to produce soulful effectmanipulate starting times for sung notesphrasesdelay known as rhythmic displacementAfricans lived in the New World as slavescould not bring their musical instrumentsnot grouped with members of the same language communityhard to perpetuate musical customsexpected to learn music of their mastersseemed like African musical tastesperformance practices could have died outoverpowered by European musical tastes of performance practices of majority culturebut African traditions were robustnew forms of music were developedcreative alteration of European musicmodified European church hymns folk songsdance music to suit own tastestraditionsWays in which African tastestraditions were retained1 Childrens gameshighly rhythmicphysicalused players body as drumhighly syncopated songinteraction that cultivated juggling of complicated rhythm2 African American church musicmodification of European church hymnsspice them up by altering rhythmsadd pitch bendsnew tone qualities
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