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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13Spinal control of MovementThe motor system consistsconsists of all our muscles and the neurons that control themCan be divided into two part oThe spinal cord command and control of coordinated muscle contractionoThe brain command and control of the motor programs in the spinal cord The somatic motor system Smooth muscle lines that digestive tract arteries and related structures and is innervated by nerve fibers from the autonomic nervous systemoPlays a role in peristalsis the movement of material through the intestines and the control of blood pressure and blood flowoStriated muscle cardiac and skeletalCardiac muscle the heart muscle and it contracts rhythmically even in the absence of any innervation Innervation of the heart from the autonomic nervous system functions to accelerate or slow down the heart rateSkeletal muscle constitutes the bulk of the muscle mass of the body and functions to move bones around joints to move eyes within the head to control respiration to control facial expression and to produce speech Each skeletal muscle is enclosed in a connective tissue sheath that at the ends of the muscle forms the tendonsoThe cells of skeletal muscle are calledmuscle fibers Each fiber is innervated by a single axon branch from the CNS Because skeletal muscle is derived embryologically from 33 paired somites these muscles and the parts of the nervous system that control them are collectively called the somatic motor systemImportant Somatic motor systemvoluntary and generates behavior Rememberthe elbow joint is formed where the humerus is bound by fibrous ligaments to the radius and ulna Movement in that direction that closes the joint is calledflexion
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