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Political Science
Waldemar Skrobacki

Globalization and Governance Reading Week One Politics of meaning clash of different objectives and theories of politics at the global level and over methods of studying global politics The failure of the Greek city state system to develop an effective governance structure led some observers of the time to propose the idealist Utopianism concept of cosmopolitanism citizenship in a world stateTheory changes how we respond to events and how we think of and interpret what we are doingIdealism Utopianism Utopia Ideal citystate Morally good place historically no place A Utopian vision would clash with the world how it is today creating a healthy tension between the existent and the idealWith the relinquishmnet of utopias man would lose his will to shape history and therewith his ability to understand itIdealists used WWI as an excuse for integration where common values embraced and differences alienatedDiffrences between the real world and Utopiansim only arose through lack of education evil forces against peace
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