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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - midterm review lec and text

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John Bassili

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Chapter 10: Language-
Textbook Notes: Speech and
PSYA02- Intro to Psychology Part II
January, 2011.
-languages are flexible systems that use symbols to express many meanings
-communication doesnt mean language
-true verbal ability is social behaviour
-psycholinguistics; a branch of psychology devoted to the study of verbal behaviour
- linguistics; the study of the rules of language
Perception of Speech;
-when we speak we produce a series of sounds in a continuous stream, punctuated by
pauses and modulated by stresses and pitch changes
-we must extract the words from a stream of speech
Recognition of Speech Sounds
- it has been suggested that the left hemisphere of the brain plays a larger role in analyzing
the detailed information of speech
- phonemes; the minimum unit of sound that conveys meaning in a particular language-
elements of speech and the smallest units of sound that allow us to distinguish the meaning
of a spoken word
For example, the word pin has 3 phonemes- /p/, /i/ and /n/.
-voice onset time; the delay between the initial sound of a consonant and the onset
of the vibration of ones vocal cords (i.e. Such as the puffing sound of the phoneme /p/
and the onset of the vibration of the vocal cords)
-voicing is the vibration of vocal cords there are voiced and unvoiced sounds which
are distinct as they allow us to distinguish between /p/ and /b/, /k/ and /g/, /t/ and /d/.
phonemic discriminations
-vocal cords do not vibrate until air from lungs is released and certain phonemes
build up pressure in the mouth and when lips are opened a puff of air comes out and
the latter part of the sound comes after
-phonemic discriminations o start with auditory processing of the sensory differences (in
both hemispheres)
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