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Textbook Notes for Psychology at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)

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UTSCPSYC12H3Michael InzlichtWinter

Chapters 1-5

OC550050 Page
2 Mar 2011
Chapter 1: introduction to the study of stereotyping and. Prejudice: groups are not unique to humans. [wars: some believe that there is a huge decline
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UTSCPSYC12H3Michael InzlichtWinter

Chapters 6-12 Detailed Notes

OC510145 Page
12 Apr 2011
Chapter 6: experiencing prejudice: prejudice originated and was maintained within the majority perceiver of the minority target. It is a two way street
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UTSCPSYC18H3Gerald CupchikWinter

PSYC18H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Language Delay, Heritability, Agreeableness

OC793927 Page
17 Apr 2011
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UTSCPSYB65H3Ted PetitFall

Study guild for final ! (71 pages of SOLID notes - chapters 4,7,8,9,10,11,15,16)

OC384982 Page
25 Dec 2010
Laterality: the functional specialization of the right and left hemispheres: broca was first to popularize the functional specialization of each hemisp
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UTSCPSYB30H3Marc A FournierWinter

PSYB30 Chapter 10

OC45367 Page
2 Apr 2011
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UTSCPSYB64H3Janelle LeboutillierFall

all chapter notes for midterm (chapters 1,2,3,5,9) - very detailed !

OC384923 Page
14 Dec 2010
Biologically psychology is the branch of psychology in which biological foundations of behaviour, emotions, and mental processes are studied. Trephinin
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UTSCPSYB65H3Ted PetitFall

PSYB65H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Catamenial Epilepsy, Anatomy Of The Cerebellum, Microcephaly

OC384953 Page
25 Dec 2010
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UTSCPSYB30H3Marc A FournierWinter

PSYB30H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Creative Writing

OC45364 Page
7 Apr 2011
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UTSCPSYC39H3David NussbaumFall

PSYC39H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-4&6: Reality Principle, Phineas Gage, Ct Scan

OC609023 Page
7 Nov 2012
High school dropout, had a fairly a chaotic childhood and family situation. In 191, bernardo kidnapped, raped, and murdered 14 year old leslie mahaffy
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UTSCPSYB30H3Marc A FournierWinter

PSYB30 Chapter 11

OC45365 Page
6 Apr 2011
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UTSCPSYC39H3David NussbaumFall

PSYC39 CHAPS 5 & 7-11

OC609049 Page
10 Dec 2012
Not everyone who commits at act is charged/prosecuted. Children under 12 are not charged, even when they commit a murder. Prior to age 12, children"s b
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UTSCPSYB30H3Marc A FournierWinter

PSYB30 Chapter 7

OC45368 Page
12 Mar 2011
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