PSYA02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Psychosomatic Medicine, Degenerative Disease, Biomedical Model

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25 Jul 2016
Lecture 16: Health Psychology
What is health?
Health is propularly defined in terms of absence of disease, but may be viewed as an
illness/wellness continuum
The WHO defines health as :a complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being
and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
Illness/Wellness Continuum (LOOK AT SLIDE)
PROF: Biomedical model = absence of disease/ Optimum Health includes all 3 in a row
PROF: You ask why? Genetics, environment (physical), healthcare; seems to be inverse
correlation on amount spent on health care vs life expectancy; Japan has the longest
amount; the more the governments spend on health care the longer they live vs us;
based on what type of food
PROD: More cures for acute illness
Acute vs Chronic Disorders
Acute conditions = short-lived (Etiology – Beyond individual control)
Chronic conditions = long-lasting (Etiology-partly influenced by behavior)
PROF: Chronic (cannot cure)
Reasons for changed causes of death
Improved hygiene (water supply)
Penicillin (antibiotics)
Aging population (risk factor for degenerative disease)
Health Behaviors (activities to prevent or detect disease)
PROF: Exercise health improve psych and socio
Change 5 behaviors
According to the US public health services, of the 10 leading causes of death in the US,
at least 7 could be reduced substantially in people at risk would change just 5
1. Adherence to medical recommendation (eg use of hypertensive medication)
2. Diet
4.Lack of exercise
5.Alcohol and drug use
Estimated contribution of behavior, medical care, genetics and other factors to health status
Behavior – 40%, changing into positive can change youy health for good
Medical care- 10%
Genetic factors- 20%, cannot change
Other factors- 30%, thing we don’t know, contribute little
Models of Health
Biomedical Model (historically, dominant paradigm; suggests illness is a function of
aberrant somatic processes; Main focus= cure (biological and medicine))
Biopsychosocial Model (current dominant paradigm; all conditions of health and disease
have mental and social components (current dominant paradigm; all conditions of
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