PSYB30H3 Chapter 2: Evolution and Human Nature

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13 Feb 2012

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Principles of evolution y all animals and plants produce similar versions of themselves, on one way or the another, y making for the continuity of life form one generation to another. Part of the total includes the results of the organism s own reproductive success. In the eea humans lived in groups. y. the individual must win out over competitors in gaining access to desirable members of the opposite sex so that sexual reproduction can occur: mate selection. the individual must select those mates who have the greatest reproductive value to maximize the opportunity for passing his or her genes down to the next generation: successful conception. the individual must engage in the necessary social and sexual behaviors to fertilize a mate or become fertilized by a mate: mate retention. the individual must retain the mate, preventing the encroachment of intrasexual competitors as well as preventing the mate s defection or desertion: reciprocal dyadic alliance formation.